Rich State of Mind is a business with a vision and the motivation to make a change in the community. Co-owners, Anthane and Amyra both were born in New York City and have used their life experiences as motivation to “break the cycle”. They joined the Navy in the pursuit of success, and with over 27 combined years in military service, they are now co-owners of a realty company called Strong Homes Properties, investors and wanting to help the community one block at a time. Rich State of Mind covers education on real estate, financial freedom, generational wealth, family, and financial independence.

Rich State of Mind wants to share their financial journey on real estate, budgeting and personal development and help others with their journey. The owners currently own rental properties in Virginia and are starting to look into wholesale buying and opening up a franchise. Currently they are on track to retiring to completely focusing all of their energy on spreading financial knowledge.

The mission of Rich State of Mind is to educate and help other to their financial freedom no matter the background, race or gender... everyone can build wealth and become financially independent.

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