What a Beginner Needs For an ATM Business

Updated: Apr 18

Since the government deregulated the ATM industry, it is now possible for investors to purchase an ATM Machine. Investors have a chance to cash in from transaction fees generated from the ATM. Transaction charges are charged to the account holder when they make a transaction at an ATM.

Previously, banks charged a fee to users who did not have an account with them and used one from their ATMs fleet. Now, ATM deployers can earn the full transaction fee where they comfortably process transactions through their network. It has not only boosted investors but also helped the consumer market.

It is now feasible for an investor to buy one or more ATMs. The ATM business runs by sharing the transaction fees with the location or site paid a share per trade. Now they a fixed rental amount is not paid. In exchange for their share of the transaction fees, the sites provide space for installing the ATMs. They also offer first-line maintenance for changing receipts or resets. ATM sellers are now refilling the machines. Also, in other instances, remote-management aids in software upgrades.

ATM Deployers pay a certain amount per transaction fee inclusive of Goods and Service Tax (GST). The money goes to the investor who incurs the cost of buying the ATM. If the location of the ATM is strategic, 3000 to 4000 transactions per month can be done. However, the average is less at the sites that are low performing. Choosing the best location is essential. You can install visible 'ATM HERE' stickers or flags. It will aid potential customers to locate the ATM, increasing transaction levels. Every location where you place an ATM comes with a contract indicating the time for renewal.

Before you embark on purchasing an ATM Machine, ensure that you are all set. A careful investor will ensure that they order the best Automatic Teller Machine. Secure a prime site before the date of delivery to add value from the time it reaches you. Buying ATMs can be a worthwhile and judicious investment. Once the location begins to experience high traffic, with time, profits can exceed the ATM's cost.

Best Place to Places an ATM

  • Restaurant

  • Bars

  • Concert and Sports Arenas

  • Gas Stations

  • Convenient Stores

  • Hotels

  • Trade shows and Exhibits

  • Barbershop

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Recommended ATM Brands

Hantle 1700

The Hantle 1700 Series ATM is durable, reliable, and secure. It has discrete and modern design features, suitable for lower volume stores. The Hantle 1700 ATM weighs just over 200 lbs and offers ease of maintenance and security. It is entirely TDES and ADA compliant.

Genemega, G2500 Onyx

This machine top-ranked for indoor placement. The G2500 is equipped with excellent features. It provides additional configuration options. The G2500 has an 8″, wide-screen LCD, high-resolution, which can be upgraded to a bigger touchscreen version.

The Greenmachine has a sleek and compact look with a 10.2″ color screen. It has removable, multi cash, and fixed cassette dispenser options.

Triton Argo, Traverse

Trinton Argo ATM Machine boasts of 40 years of Triton history as an American-made ATM. This machine rates very well and is for high traffic and volume areas of many food services, retail, and hospitality locations. The Traverse is designed for off-premise retail use, with superior consumer protection such as PIN-shielding and anti-skimming design. It is built extra tough to withstand weather and use.

Diebold Nixdorf

The Diebold Nixdorf ATM is a compact, indoor lobby cash, and flexible machine. This machine is meant to be placed in a well-monitored area and is self-serviceable. The teller function is fully automated, and it is upgradable to cash recycling.

Nautilus Hyosung 2700

The Hyosung 2700 is easily upgradable to suit needs now and in the future. It is fitted with sizeable heat-sensitive function keys and a 10.4″ color display. Other features include a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant EPP (Encrypting PIN pad and UL Business hours vault.

The mechanical dial lock can be replaced for improved security. The large capacity cassettes stack up to 6,000 bills.

For other Nautilus Hyosung ATM options click here

ATM Ownership Cost?

An ATM costs approximately $2000-$16,000 for a machine depending on the make and technology setup. Or, if you would rather, there is also a lease option or finance for the device. On top of the cost to purchase an ATM, it is crucial to keep the ATM stocked with cash. Or, if you don't want to buy or lease a machine with your money, an ATM Placement Program or an ATM in your brick-and-mortar store may be right for you.

Responsibility Involved with an ATM?

An ATM is a machine offering technology meaning the machinery itself can malfunction or break, and the technology can misfire. Basic yearly maintenance is essential, coupled with regular software updates scheduled to keep your machine operating in mint condition.

If your machine is ever in need of repair, certified technicians will complete a diagnosis before replacing parts or working on the device. Repairs are free if the engine is under warranty at AtmMachines.com, LLC. If not, after making a diagnosis for the malfunction or repair of broken parts, you will pay a fee in line with the cost incurred on the said company to repair the ATM.

ATM repair technicians use software and hand tools to fix malfunctioning money distributors. Occasionally, your machine may malfunction and need reprogramming.

Technicians are equipped to handle this, as well. If you opt to reprogram the machine, the cost ranges from $100 to $350 per location with a $100 deposit.

Benefits of Having an Onsite ATM

Having an ATM on site is an added advantage for most business owners. On average, 30–40% of cash withdrawn from an ATM will remain in your place of business. Retail locations with an ATM that dispenses $20 bills significantly increase store sales by over 8%.

For small businesses, an ATM may be the right solution for an extra income source. ATMs can not only provide supplemental income, but they can also increase the traffic into your business. Restaurants, nightclubs, and nail salons are just a few businesses that can gain from installing an ATM.

How to Make Money with an ATM?

ATM earnings are derived from the processing fee. The fee is the amount of money a customer incurs for the convenience of using an ATM. Processing fees range from $1 to $8. The average payment in the United States is $3.00. For each transaction, the ATM owner, the business owner, and the ATM processor each take a share of the ATM processing fee. If you own both the machine and the venue, you will make more money per transaction. An average ATM processes around 300 plus transactions in a month. If you own both the venue and the machine, you can make about $.50 per transaction. You are therefore set to make profits ranging from $450-$750 per month.

Making More Money with an ATM Business?

The financial perk to owning an ATM is increased traffic brought into your business. When people withdraw cash, they go on to spend it within the establishment. Statistics show that people spend 20 to 25% more money in convenience stores equipped with ATMs. This means you'll earn from processing fees and experience an increase in sales.

ATM placement Agreement

You may choose to place your ATMs in other people's businesses. Setting an ATM in another business premise requires an agreement between the business owner and the ATM owner.

Whereby, the ATM owner is granted exclusive right to install, maintain, repair, and ensure the machine at no cost to the business owner. The business owner is set to receive a certain amount per completed surcharged withdrawal transaction.


The ATM business is another way for you to receive passive income without having to be onsite at all times. As you can see you do not need tens of thousands of dollars to get started. Remember location, location, location. Great placement of your machines means great income. Do your research and you will be just fine.

Below are recommended ATMs and accessories:

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