Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable (Personal Development)

Identify Your Barriers

Throughout our lives, exposed to those that are accomplishing the things we wish we could achieve. This could be on television, on social media, or in real life. Often our upbringing is better than or just equal to those that have achieved the kind of success we desire. So how come they are where they want to be in life, and you live a life you don't like. What is stopping you? Physically what is stopping you? Mentally what is stopping you? Whatever that barrier prevents you from becoming the best version of yourself, identify it, and break it! Physical barrier: If you now have paraplegia, but your hands and brain still work, think about what service you can provide that will always make you marketable. You can even build a website, create an eCommerce store, and publish blogs without using your lower body. It may be that physical loss has made you lose confidence but trust me, you can enormously contribute to the world. If it's a mental barrier to where all your life you've been told you weren't going to amount to anything, the fact that you are living, breathing, and able to have a functioning body already gives you the ability to do great things. Your body is the paintbrush, and the world is your canvas. Paint your masterpiece.

Come To Terms With Your Obstacles and Embrace The Suck

Understand that there will be obstacles in your way. But that is ok. I would be on edge if life did not come with some kind of trials and tribulations. Have you ever heard, "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"? Hone in on that saying. Pressure makes diamonds, but it also burst pipes. Be the diamond, not the line. Look at each obstacle as an opportunity to be better in your craft, not as another setback. Ensure you learn from each block, especially if it is self-inflicted. Embrace the ugly days; they will make you appreciate the great ones. Those nasty moments will not last forever unless you want them to. Project what's in your mind into the physical world to push past adversity.

Push Yourself Beyond Your Beyond

Dig deep into why you are doing this! Stop saying you cannot and start saying you can. Your limits are not the limits you think you have. You can push beyond that. Do not let others tell you who are not apart of your journey dictate what’s your limits are. You are the captain of your ship, and only you say where your ship sails. You owe it to yourself to identify your comfort level, which is not confused with your limits. Always look for ways to be better than you were the next day. Focus on this because one day, you will look back and be shocked by how much progress you've made. Be patient and do not expect success overnight.

Seek Excellence

Throughout this process, just getting by is not good enough. Strive for excellence. This is what will separate you from the rest. More importantly, this is what will make you better than you. When you find yourself starting to lower your standards in order to get by, keep yourself in check. What you produce is a reflection of you. I take pride in the product I put out to the world because excellence is my standard. This mindset will keep you on your toes and never allow you to become compliance. Never allow the victories to make you weak and no longer hungry for more. This does not mean to never have an end point of contentment. Keep a healthy balance.

Closing Thoughts

We all deep down want to have a purpose and want to be exceptional at something. Often times we let the different factors in our lives perpetually affect us negatively. There are events that will happen that are not in our control but they do not last forever. We cannot let those life stunting moments define the rest of our lives. Those moments are to sharpen us into the sword that will pierce through any adversity. Throughout my life I have never had the luxury of being able to have the things I've wanted most just handed to me. As I get older I believe that the defining moments of me being pushed beyond my limits and stepping up to the opportunity (not obstacle) has made me not only stronger for myself but for those that I influence as well. Throughout your journey, not only are you positively affecting yourself but you are also someone to be emulated. A golden standard.

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