Rich State of Mind Ep 5: Time Isn’t Our Friend, But It Isn’t Our Enemy Either

Updated: Mar 21

Think about how much time we use up not working toward our goals. If you were to put your lifespan at only a week would you have that sense of urgency to be your best version of yourself ? What effective habits would you implement ? I break down your life as such:

Monday: 0-10 years old

Tuesday: 11-20 years old

Wednesday: 21-30 years old

Thursday: 31-40 years old

Friday: 41-50 years old

Saturday: 51-60 years old

Sunday: 61-70 years old

What day of the week are you currently in? Do you feel behind or do you feel like you are ahead of your years. This episode will help you put time management and efficiency back into the control of your own hands.

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