Your Why That Makes You Cry

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

What is your reason for being on this earth? What is your purpose? Why do you wake up everyday to brush your teeth , shower (I hope) , get dressed and head off to work? We go through the motions , make decisions and function on a daily basis but do we ever think about why we do the things we do in order to be successful, contribute in some way or get ahead in life in some way.

Just thinking about it I get emotionally pulled by the fact that I love my family so deeply I would die for them. That’s my why. Sometimes there aren’t any words to describe the tug on my heart I feel when I think of how bad i want to provide prosperity, richness in health, love and understanding for my family. I’m not the speaker for all but I think we all can agree if we invested in something we care deeply about there’s emotions involved :) I can’t imagine where I would be in life if I didn’t have that purpose driving me daily. It provides me patience and the extra “umph” I need to push myself further beyond my current limits. You’d be surprised to see what you can accomplish when you go beyond your own expectations

Identify The Why That Makes You Cry

Take a moment and think about what gets you emotional when you think about all the hard work you put in at your job. What makes you teary eyed when you think about those late nights you stayed up working on your passion project? Is it you making sure you don’t put your kids through the same things you did as a child or is it the fact that you want to make your mother proud because she was your number one supporter.

It Doesn’t Die

This fire of passion you have in the “why that makes you cry” is a flame that never dies. Because the reason for your drive is intangible. No one can take the memories that forged the desire to be better than what you were yesterday. Yes that family member may be resting in heaven but their words of encouragement , their love never left you and it continues to fuel you. Yes you may not physically be around your parents anymore due to you living on your own but their core principals and your experiences with in your adolescent years help mold your motivation today.

Not Everyone Will Understand

Your story and reasons is yours alone. Do not be offended if everyone cannot understand where you are coming from when you explain this relentless drive. There will be a clear separation between someone who is just clocking in and out in life and someone who is clearly on a purposeful mission. Due to some people not understanding your drive and seeing how confident you are they may be envious. Not everyone knows their purpose and not everyone feels they have a reason to live. It can be frustrating to watch others move with such intent and confidence. Do not be derailed by these kind of people who have the “crab in the bucket” mentality.

Spread That Passion

Once you’ve identified the “Why that makes you cry” see how you can use that motivation to help others. Motivate others to find their purpose in life. No one wants to be a zombie going day by day in life not knowing what they are here for. Keep in mind what drives you may not be what drives others but you can help point them in the right direction. You are the bow and you can shoot them (the arrow) in the direction it needs to go. What we do to make an impact is what defines the dash mark between the day we were born and the day we did on our tombstone.


Throughout my time knowing what my purpose in life is, I've learned that consistently reflecting on my life helps with my growth. I have my "Why that makes me cry" but that does not mean I am exempt from distractions, bad vibes, and other things that could derail me from my purpose. Keep in mind you have a potential and purpose that unique to you. Protect it, love it, and spread it to those that could benefit.